Friday, 22 January 2016

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Guess what I did yesterday? 

Hint: it has to do with my plans for the future. Hint number two: I'm excited as fuck.

Yes, I signed up to! I'm a bit early, yeah, since most of the families only start looking for their au pair in April or May when their previous one is leaving soon. But I just couldn't sit on my ass any longer, I wanted to make this official, I had to. 

So it's really happening. Hopefully. If you follow me on Twitter, this probably isn't a big surprise for you, as I've been thinking about this for over a year now. But aside from that, I've been quite silent about this. Some relatives have asked what I'm gonna do after upper secondary and I just recently changed my answer from "I don't know" to "I'm gonna go abroad as an au pair".

The main reason I haven't talked about this a lot is because I was terrified of the idea of moving to a different country, different culture, different family. Alone. And I still am. I'm absolutely terrified but I've kind of just pushed that feeling away because I decided I'm not gonna let fear stop me. I would regret not going, I know that. So I thought I'd just do it and leave the panicking for the time when I can't cancel this anymore. 

There's also the fact that my parents weren't as excited about this as I am. Especially my dad, he basically thinks I'm gonna throw away my future if I don't just head straight to uni or something. But maybe he realized that I'm serious about this, that I'm not gonna give in this time. So he seems okay with it now. Well, maybe not okay, but he's accepted it. 

I should maybe tell you a bit more. My dream destination is Australia, the land Down Under, and it's the only one I put in my application. And as soon as I was done signing up, the website told me my criteria matched with ten families! Six of them seemed promising, one was practically perfect but there were about a hundred other candidates too. Anyway, I'm probably gonna start contacting these families soon. And as I said, there will probably be even more families suitable for me as the year goes on.

My plan is to leave Finland behind me in August and be back home by Christmas. Most of the families prefer that their au pair stays at least six months though, so I might have to compromise a bit and leave in July but that's not gonna be a problem. And who knows, maybe I'll end up only swinging by home at Christmas and going back for a month or so, anything is possible! Okay, not anything, I'm gonna try to be back in time to apply for some schools and study for the entrance exams. But that's not something I have to worry about right now.

I'm so so excited and happy that I'm actually doing this, let's hope I'll find a wonderful family and next autumn will be the time of my life. I will probably write about this stuff more whenever something interesting happens with the process, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Sky is the limit if you're brave enough, keep making your dreams come true folks ⋆✰✦⋆

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  1. Hei Lotta! Voisitko ystävällisesti lähettää sähköpostia mulle osoitteeseen juha.ronkainen(ät) Mulla olisi sulle kysymys.


    Juha Ronkainen


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