Sunday, 3 May 2015

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"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason 
and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

That's a quote from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was published in 1948. 67 years ago. And it still hasn't come true in so many places. Why?

Because people are sick. Some people are ready to fight with guns and sacrifice themselves rather than give someone the rights they deserve. Some people beat other people up for trying to get the rights they deserve. Some people actually dedicate their lives to trying to remove the kind they don't think of as people from this world (the obvious example: Adolf Hitler).

People fighting against people. That's all it really is. No one is any more or less of a person than another. If I, as a 17-year-old, understand this, can it really be that hard for all of the politicians, the people who get to actually make decisions, to realize? It can't. It's not about misunderstanding, it's about not wanting to do anything about it. Because it's just easier to let people fight against people. 

"Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without 
distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other 
opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status."

The way I see it, nothing you can't affect yourself can affect to your social status. The things you were born with don't define you. It's the things you do. If a person goes ahead and murders someone, then yes, it's justified to take their freedom and put them behind bars. But whether they're black or white or something else, a man or a woman or something else, it has no effect on their situation. At that point, everyone's on the same line.

There are a couple of specific topics I want to write more about. One of them is gender minorities. I happen to be a girl and that's okay. I feel like a girl, I look like a girl, and I want to be a girl. But someone can look like a boy but feel like and want to be a girl. Or someone might not feel like either boy nor a girl. And somehow that's not okay in some people's eyes. Which is just not cool. I can't even imagine how difficult it is, living in this society full of gender rules and expectations as something else than a man or a woman. I think we shouldn't feel the need to define ourselves. Everyone should be able to just be who they are and do what they feel like doing without stressing about their gender. Do what feels right for you as long as it doesn't hurt others. And something like this just possibly can't hurt anyone.

Gender brings us to feminism. I'm probably going to write a whole post about this sometime, but let me say this: anyone who thinks this world doesn't need feminism is either really stupid or lying to themselves. If feminism was about making women stronger than men, like most people seem to think, then I would agree we don't need it. But it's not. It's about making women as strong as men. Or more like acknowledging the fact that women are, in fact, as strong as men. And there's a lot of work to do on this field.

Then there are gay people. I just recently got to know that in Finland, homosexuality was a crime until 1971, when it became "just" a disease. It wasn't until 1981 that it was actually legal and healthy to be gay. In seven countries you can still get executed for practicing homosexual behavior. Even though there are parts of this planet where homosexuality is considered normal and gays can even get married, we can't ignore the parts where things aren't going that well. If two people love each other and want to be together, how can anyone tell them it's wrong? There's also the question about gay couples' adoption rights. The most common argument against it is that "a kid needs both a mom and a dad". What kind of bullshit is that? Should we forbid divorcing too? There are so many kids living in terrible circumstances with abusive parents, and some people really think that's better and healthier than having two loving parents of the same sex? This is another subject I could write about forever. 

Well, something like a teenager's blog post obviously can't make a difference. But at least we've got straight white men's privileges covered, right?


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