Sunday, 10 August 2014

Treatment for teenage frustration

Mä halusin postata jotain vähän erilaista, mutten oikein keksiny mitä. Löysin sitten enkun kakkoskurssin (?) kokeessa tehdyn kirjotelman, ja sain tästä ihan hyvät pisteet niin ajattelin että jos nyt heitän tän tänne :D Samalla huomasin, että ehkä mä jotain oon oppinu kielikurssilla, kun tää ei oo mun korvaan kovinkaan sujuvaa. Nauttikaa.
I wanted to post something a bit different, but I had no idea what. Then I found this text I had written in English on course 2 (?) exam, and I got decent points on this one so I thought maybe I should just post this :D In the process I noticed that maybe I have learned something on the language course, since this doesn't really sound fluent to my ears. Enjoy.


Angry, frustrated, depressed, even suicidal. Teenagers are all of those things, which is an unfortunate fact. Life gives us ups and downs, and sometimes we can't manage to stay on that rollercoaster. But why does it affect teenagers so much? 

I think life gets a bit harder all the time we get older. During the teenage years you suddenly find yourself wondering how to find the balance between freedom and responsibilities. Just add the pressure coming from all the possible directions, and then we have a package that can get too heavy to carry around. 

Luckily, there are ways to ease the burden. If things are getting too hard, I always find some cure from music. I might go out for a run as well, to clear my head with fresh air and to make my muscles scream so my mind can't. Or then I might just eat lots of chocolate and pity myself. 

No matter how stupid or small you think your problems are, there is one solution I can guarantee works everytime: express your feelings. The most obvious way is to talk to someone, anyone. I'm completely sure your friends and family are ready to listen. Or if you have a secret that you just can't tell, talk to your pet or find an anonymous stranger on the internet.

Personally, I prefer writing about my feelings. I do talk to someone too, but that isn't always enough. Some people like to throw some bright colors on the fabric. There are so many options. You will find a way through the dark.


  1. vau tää oli tosi hyvä!!!!:) ihailen kans sun enkun kielen taitojas :D mut jooo en ihmettele että sait hyvät pisteet!

  2. Ihan sairaan hyvä teksti!!


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